Bitter Pill Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Bitter Pill writing contest. Here are the best of the best!

Best Voice
Ashland @ 4:26 pm

Best Last Line
Rebecca Fields @ 4:27 pm

Best Criminal
Carol @ 12:01 am

Best Family Relationship
fordhamgirl1 @ 7:47 pm

Best Tone
Madseasongirl @ 10:02 pm

Best Death Scene
The Will to Write @ 10:11 pm

Best Consolidation of Words (or Most Concise!)
J. Lenni Dorner @ 12:41 pm

Best Twist
Ravina Patt @ 11:45 pm

And of these, the winner is Ashland!

That bitter bitch done did it again. She took the pill, swallowed it whole.

Only this time I didn't stop her.

Naw, I'd had too much of her fat mouth, criticizing me every other breath 'cause I was laid off. Broke. A deadbeat, as she was more than happy to tell anyone who'd listen.

But that ain't the case, not that she'd ever admit it. I got tired of her misunderstanding my position, so I just took a step back and let her do it.

Now the sheriff's almost here and I've got to wonder—will he see it my way?

Ashland--shoot me an email with your address and I'll send you a copy of Bitter Pill by Stacey Kade and we can talk critique!

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Madseasongirl said...

Congrats to all the honorable mentions and to ashland! I agree, best voice of the lot :)

J Lenni Dorner said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my brevity.

Liz Blocker said...

Ooo, loved that submission by Ashland. Congrats!

french sojourn said...

Congrats Ashland.

Thanks for the contest it was fun.

Cheers Hank...busy week it took me a week to reread all the great entries.