Friday, August 10, 2012

Query Roundup 8/10

As of 2:36 pm, Friday, August 10th, I'm caught up on queries. That means I have gotten the query inbox down to 0. If you queried me this week and didn't get a response, double check the submission guidelines and send off the query again.

This week there were 206 queries in my inbox!

Of those...

The most common genre this week--I saw a lot of YA this week

Why I rejected most queries--I'm not grabbed
Like the past few weeks, most of my rejections stem from not feeling grabbed. This doesn't mean it's bad, just that nothing stands out or really jumps out and says UNIQUE! What is it about your character and this concept that are going to lure me to the edge of my seat and want to know what happens next. I really need that shown in the query.

Queries I regrettably passed on--1

YA mystery--really great query, but I wasn't grabbed by the voice in the pages

I also passed on a few things this week, that specifically mentioned the POVs. I love a good alternating POV (Shiver, Gone Girl, need I say more?), but when a query tells me a manuscript is told from 7 POVs I get nervous. That's a lot of POVs and if we're looking at a straight forward plot with one main character--at least from the query--it seems like too much. Similarly if you're writing a YA novel and you're alternating between your main character and an adult, that's a really tough sell. Now the POV wasn't make or break. I wasn't grabbed by these ideas anyway, but something to think about when you're writing and working on your query. Even if you're writing the next Game of Thrones I probably don't need to know at the query stage that you've got

Manuscripts I requested--3

YA fantasy--awesome combination of weird, beautiful and literary. Reminds me of Leah Bobet's Above in style
YA sci fi--interesting query and great voice
YA mystery--great concept, really great voice


Lexa Cain said...

I wish all agents were as prompt, honest, and transparent as you are. That said, I guess I shouldn't send you my "Games of Thrones" fanfic with the 24-POVs, huh?

Roxanne Galpin said...

I find these posts are so helpful.

Kathryn Faye said...

Great posts! I love the helpful advice and tips you give to us.

Robert Michael said...

I think Faulkner would have a hard time getting published in today's market. Especially if his first novel was As I Lay Dying. Think about it. Not only does he have the multiple POVs but he also broke tons of grammar, style, and narrative rules.

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