Query Roundup 7/27

As of 12:03 pm, Friday, July 27th, I'm caught up on queries. That means I have gotten the query inbox down to 0. If you queried me this week and didn't get a response, double check the submission guidelines and send off the query again.

This week there were 208 queries in my inbox!

Of those...

The most common genre this week--This week was pretty much a mishmash. I'm still seeing a lot of queries that are post-apocalyptic--either for adult or children's--and at this point, I think I'd need to see something really new in order for it to catch my eye.

Why I rejected most queries--I'm not grabbed
Like the past few weeks, most of my rejections stem from not feeling grabbed. This doesn't mean it's bad, just that nothing stands out or really jumps out and says UNIQUE! What is it about your character and this concept that are going to lure me to the edge of my seat and want to know what happens next. I really need that shown in the query.

Queries I regrettably passed on--2

YA Fantasy--really great query, but couldn't get into the voice of the pages.
YA Historical--time period and concept sounded interesting, but revolved around too many "issues"

Manuscripts I requested--5

YA sci fi--really well written.
MG adventure--the query has a concept that feels unique and the writing is very good
Contemporary Romance--simply put: I just got sucked into this one right away
Paranormal Romance--love the premise!
YA Contemporary--stellar pages.

What I'm really dying to find--

I'd love to find a great YA Contemporary that's got the character depth of Sarah Dessen or Before I Fall with a romance that's going to keep me awake at night.
I'd love to find something historical, adult or YA, that has the same sharp writing, cutting wit, and yearning romantic tension that I love so much in Jane Austen and Downton Abbey.

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Elizabeth Prats said...
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Anonymous said...

Caught up on queries. If only I could say the same about the laundry. Love that you detail the roundup.

Kathryn Faye said...

I love how fast you respond! Plus, I enjoy hearing what catches your eye and what doesn't. Wonderful! It's helpful to a lot of us.

roxanne s. sukhan said...

I love reading about what grabs you and what doesn't. Quite helpful.