Happy Book Release to TEMPEST!

Yesterday was the release day for Tempest by Julie Cross.

We celebrated at Books of Wonder with a five author signing.

Each author spoke about their book and answered audience questions, and then they signed copies for readers.

Here are the fabulous authors with their newest books: Beth Revis (A Million Suns), Julie, Megan Miranda (Fracture), Maureen Lipinski (Shadow's Edge), and Carrie Ryan (Dark and Hollow Places).

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Lori M. Lee said...

Happy release day to all the authors!

Good Choice Reading said...

Aw great pics! I was there last night too. They are really nice!!!

Rebecca B said...

Congrats! So sad I had to miss the signing event last night. :(

Cat Hellisen said...

Happy release day! May your books find happy readers.

Alex said...

Big congrats! Looked like a great night!

Jennifer Hoffine said...

Yay! Happy release date!

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Very cool cover!

Hardygirl said...

I absolutely LOVE the cover to Tempest!!

What a fun night!


Ann Summerville said...

Sounds like a fun event.