ZOMBIE TAG Contest Winner

I loved reading the entries for the Zombie Tag Contest. Some of the zombie descriptions creeped me out of course, but I suppose I was asking for it.

Best Professor
Professor John from Cloth Dragon 12:09 PM: The spatula he waved clashed with his Oxford image. Grease splattered the blackboard and dribbled through words in green chalk. Love, death, vase, and window.

Best Sacrifice
RachelMaryBean 12:38 PM

Best Use of My Typo, "DeathLove"
Marsha Sigman 6:05 PM

Best Eggs as Brains Analogy
Book Butler 9:27 PM

Best Zombie Romance Descriptions
abrielle1 11:48 PM

My Favorite Line
GS Marlene 3:02 PM: Her makeup must have been applied with a spatula.

Best News Report
Chris Patterson 4:53 PM

Best Zombie Names
Rachel Harrie 8:31 PM

caccindy 10:45 AM: "Then I heard the low moan and felt teeth on my head."

Best Voice (and best use of the Kansas City Shuffle!)
Alex 1:19 PM

Runner up
Reagan Phillips 3:19 PM

I knew the voice, Paul Owens, football team captain. 
Anticipation sped my heartbeat. Just hearing the rest of his pack chanting “tap that” made me want this more. 
“You’re hard to catch.” He tossed and caught his football like some clever joke. 
You could love a guy’s hair, but hate the rest of him. 
“Walk you home?” He asked. 
My heart fluttered; I was about to squash him—he was like a cockroach against a spatula. 
“You know the kid with Downs?” 
“Yeah! Zombie boy eat brains!” He chanted. 
“He’s my brother.” 
“Fumble.” A teammate coughed. 
Death to pride.

And the winner is...


Welcome to the Kill Grill, have a seat. Relax, your secret’s safe with me. You can drape yourself in entrails and fool the deadheads, but I can clock a live one, being one myself. Turns out, zombies love their meat cooked, so they let us live, long as we serve up our fellow man. It’s a living. What’s that? Us are me and the big fella back there with the spatula, my cook, Brother Deathlove. Got “death” and “love” tattooed on his knuckles. Says “hate” lacks commitment. Here’s your grub, better act like ya like it. Wanna live? Eat brains!

Email me your address and I'll send you the book!

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Rachel Schieffelbein said...

Congratulations DavidSimon4449! Thanks for the contest, Suzie, and thanks for the mention, it made my day. :)

Alex said...

Nice one Dave, well played.

Great contest.

S. D. Grimm said...

Congratulations David Simon, and all other mentions.

Thanks, Suzie, for choosing mine as runner up. I'll be glowing for quite a while.

Chris Patterson said...

Thanks for the contest, it was fun. It was my first. I'll be watching for more. And congrats to DavidSimon!

DavidSimon4449 said...

Hey there,
I'm honored to have won this contest, I had a great time reading the entries. One question: what email address should I use to send my mailing address?
David Simon

Suzie Townsend said...

David, you can just email me at suzie(at)nancycoffeyliterary(dot)com

Marsha Sigman said...

This was so much fun! Thanks for the mention and congrats to David!