Query Hiatus (9/1 to....TBD)

And it's happened, again.  I've managed to bury myself under a pile of requested material and client manuscripts and of course those TBR books, and I'm pretty sure I might not be able to move around until I read my way out.

There are also several conferences and exciting things coming up for me this fall so after torturous amounts of deliberation, I'm going to take a brief query hiatus starting September 1st.

I'm not a hundred percent sure when I'm reopening yet. But I'll keep you posted.
This means any query that comes in while I'm closed to queries will get response saying something along the lines of "Hey I'm on hiatus" and will then be deleted from my inbox. While I'm closed, there are some fabulous people to query instead of me right here in suite 500. 

But in the meantime, I'm still open to queries until the end of the summer.

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Unknown said...

*passes over breathing apparatus* those pesky bookslides can be dangerous. remember. safety first.

hope you dig your way out soon (and with a few new clients, maybe?) :)

Marleen Gagnon said...

Good luck getting caught up before vacation.

Monica Mansfield said...

Good luck getting caught up!