June Giveaway Winner - The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

Wow, I loved all the entries! Thank you so much to everyone who entered.

After much deliberation...

Best parental angst
Sasha Barin @ 6:47 pm

Most nightmare-inspiring
abrielle1 @ 11:46 pm

Best epic journey
DavidSimon4449 @2:16 pm

Best rhymes
Sheila JG @ 4:58 pm

Most heart-wrenching
K @10:08 pm

Best reason to listen to your mother
Stephanie Garber @ 10:43 am

And the winner is, for her chilling tale...

christwriter @ 11:19 am

Jo ran through the snow.

We never had roses in December.

“Come on!” My sister held the key up. “It’s this way, Barry!”

But it was just an old garden door; the key wouldn’t fit. Besides, we were moving and the new house had no garden. Joanna said she’d seen a fairy cat in a top hat slinking through the roses. He told her to bring me along.

“Kids! We’re leaving!” Our mother.

“It works!” Jo said. Then, delighted and happy, “Ooh!”

I found the door locked. A thousand blood red petals on the ground.

Jo had gone away.

Congratulations to everyone! @christwriter, if you send me an email with your address, I'll send your copy of the book.

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Unknown said...

I love the winning piece you chose! So inticing with a hint of magic and nostalgia.

Sasha Barin said...

Love it too - seriously haunting.

Sheila JG said...

Congrats christwriter! Very compelling, from start to finish.

Thanks for the contest, that was fun!

Stephsco said...