Original Sin Winner!

Wow! These entires were fantastic--thank you everyone for entering. Congratulations to everyone who did--these were some of the best ones I've read.

Best Animal Character
brianbuckley.com @ 9:23 pm

Best Edgar Allan Poe Allusion
Sunlight Shadows @ 8:59 pm

Best Use of "A Devil's Own"
Katherine Tomlinson @ 9:46 pm

Best High School Scene
Taryn @ 10:45 pm

Best Zombie Entry
Holly Ann @ 11:05 pm

Most Interesting Rhetorical Manipulation 
Xander Pike @ 12:02 am

Best Swoonworthy Athlete
Kristi @ 3:20 pm

Best Description of a Setting
David @ 5:44 pm

Best Futuristic
Jennifer Rush @ 1:29 am

Best Short Entry
Em-Musing @ 7:30 am

Best Online Dating Site Name
Steve Forti @ 3:45 pm

Best First Line
Ms. Snip @ 1:14 pm

Best Craving for Revenge
Bruce Thole @ 1:00 pm

And the runners up...

Best Twist
Nicole Zoltack @ 7:56 pm


Best Voice
Katherine Hazen @ 12:26 am

And the winner is...

DD3123 @ 10:27 am

At age nine, standing just outside the garage door, I began a personal relationship with fire. A flick of my wrist sent a bottle flying. It was a lit Molotov, of sorts. But more refined. An original recipe, by yours truly. The bottle arced through the air and broke on the carport. Flames danced across the floor and up the walls like demons hellbent on consummation. Smiling, I cared not that this was a supposed sin. It was glorious. Beautiful.

And as Mother lay inside, bound and gagged, I could have sworn I heard her call me, “A Devil’s own.”

Congratulations to everyone. If the winner sends me an email with his/her address, I'll mail out a copy of Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers.

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Jeff King said...

Congratulations to everyone... nice work.

Katherine Hazen said...

Congrats, DD3123!

Monika Pardon said...

Congratulations to DD3123. Love it!

Katherine Tomlinson said...

Wow--good one.

The Writer said...

Woohoo! Best zombie entry! Yeeaah! I mean, ahem, congrats to the winner! : )

Leah Goodreau said...

Congrats, DD3123! Great piece.

Ah, the Poe obsession. It started young. It has not died. Thank you for acknowledging my homage!

Sara Rayne said...

Congrats to DD3123! Way creepy! And I for one, am grateful to be mentioned. Thank you for these contests, they're a blast!

Alli Sinclair said...

So many great entries! Well done everyone! DD3123, what a purely evil entry. Nice work!

DD3123 said...

Holy crap! I won?! :) Thanks a ton, I just want to add that was some tough competition!

Stephsco said...

The winner is deserving. That one is awesome!

Annalisa said...

well deserved! disturbing read, but thrilling at the same time!

Bruce Thole said...

First of all, congrats to DD3123. Secondly, thank you Suzie for the mention.

Lacey J Edwards said...

Love that winning entry!

esss said...

Congratulations...You have truly been an inspiration.
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