Thursday, February 17, 2011

As a former teacher...

I find this insanely interesting.


Barbara Kloss said...

Thanks for sharing that! I'm also neither a parent or teacher, but I get so frustrated that 'kids' seem to be running the world. My hubby and I went to Disneyworld last month (we're 30ish). Wow. I think we would've dropped dead if one kid at least say "excuse me". Of course, I'm not allowed to have an opinion on the matter since, as I mentioned before, I have no kids.

Kristi Helvig said...

I have such enormous respect and empathy for teachers, and I hope that woman isn't fired (although the blog wasn't the best idea). I volunteer several hours each week in my son's 1st grade class. Even in 1st grade, there are parents who consistently do their child's homework for them!

I'm also a clinical psychologist and am amazed at how many parents I've seen who thought it was more important to be a "friend" than a parent. They come to see me because they haven't set limits with their kids for sixteen years, and then wonder why their teenager is out of control. The blame is often placed on the youth (who are doing the acting out), but it stems from a lack of involved parenting.

Schools are supposed to educate children, not raise them. Sorry for the long comment, but this issue pushes my buttons. :)

Tara Tyler said...

Thanks for the link to the fabulous post! She was accurate in her whining, but inappropriate in her whining to the world, like she was daring someone to challenge her. Teachers and students should be like church and state - separate. Communicate, yes; socialize, no. It only leads to trouble.

I'm a teacher and a parent. I appreciate the above comments as well - looks like we're preaching to the choir here...

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Interesting. I saw Natalie's blog and read the posts she got in trouble for... as a student studying to be a teacher, I am still ignorant of what it is REALLY like in the classroom, but I was a student once and in a school that is deemed a "dropout factory" so I know how bratty and awful kids are. I think her blog was tacky though... you just shouldn't do that. If she needed to vent maybe she couldn't made it private, or vented to her husband. Sticky stuff! But, makes for interesting news! ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have stayed being a teacher. You lack talent.

Joanna said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your comment wasn't interesting or constructive.

This blog is not for throwing insults. If that is how you feel, then just read another blog. We don't force you to read this one.

Janet Reid said...

Hey Anon,
Thanks for the good laugh. And I mean rolling around on the floor laughing my ass off. Cause of any person you could have said lacks talent, ANY of the agents I know, you picked the exact last one.

Suzie Townsend has a natural gift for agenting. She's done more in her first year than most agents do in five.

She has extraordinary taste in books, and the evidence for that is that most of her projects sell at auction (multiple editors want them) and for substantial money.

I'm not sure what motivated you to post an anonymous comment here; I won't speculate that perhaps you're a disgruntled querier, or worse.

Suffice to say you're so wrong it's really very funny. And godiva knows, it's good to start the day with a laugh, so thanks Anon. Come by and visit more often. i look forward to your next howler.

Jeanmarie Anaya said...

That was a great discussion! I think they'd have to put me in a straightjacket if I was a teacher. It's got to be so hard to put aside personal feelings toward kids who are rude/entitled and help them to learn and grow. I think most teachers are capable of it. If that woman needed to vent, I don't mind. Doing it on the internet was an unfortunate choice of forum, but okay.

A para in my six year-old daughter's school called her a "big mouth" while waiting on line for something, and moved my daughter to the back of the line for punishment. While I'm not thrilled with the name-calling, I told my daughter she might want to shut her mouth when she's supposed to. It's a tough world out there--not everyone is going to hold your hand and pat your back. better get used to it now and learn how to deal with it.

Anonymous, you get the Douchebag of the Day award.

Dan Krokos said...

I, however, will speculate that Anonymous is a disgruntled querier.

Don't worry! Try Suzie with your next project.

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