Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Her Slackerness Posts Blurb It!! Winners...

Obviously, this is not Sunday evening. Obviously, I deserve limb-rending, etc. But you're all feeling so benevolent today. I can feel it. To the winners!!

Thanks again to everyone who entered...

Honorable mentions go to the following:

  • Truest: jamiekswriter at 10:08pm
"Jack Reacher is Worth Dying For"
  • Appeals to my bibliophilia, not to my sensitive feet: LQQ at 5:46pm
"A man with sewage between his toes saves democracy forever more."
(The Pericles Commission by Gary Corby)
  • A *complete* catalogue of every one of the visceral reactions I experienced while reading the Avery Cates books: Patty Blount at 8:55am
"Jeff Somers' heart-pumping sci-fi series will make you cringe,
gag, gasp and beg for more."

And now! The Winners!!

Funniest Blurb goes to:

Sprunty at 1:34am!!!
"NUMB questions how much abuse a suit can take."
(NUMB by Sean Ferrell)

Best In Show/The Pick-Up-iest Blurb goes to:

Pamela Cayne at 11:55am!!!!!!!!!
"A dark and tangled tale that will keep you up late reading, scared to turn off the light."
(BANISHED by Sophie Littlefield)

This was such a fun contest. Thanks for entering, and your patience as I got this up!! Sprunty and Pamela, send me an email and we'll set up your chats!


Patty Blount said...

This was great fun. Can we do another one soon?

Cacy said...

Congrats to the winners!

I second Patty.

Meredith Barnes said...

I think we definitely can. There were some *great* blurbs in there. Too many to mention!!

suzie townsend said...

Congrats to the winners!

Pamela Cayne said...

I am beyond tickled (and a little bit frightened--I've never Skyped before!)

Thanks for an awesome contest. It was fascinating to try and blurb a book in under 20 words--really makes you stretch your mind.

Liana Brooks said...

What a fun contest. I love the sentences. Congrats to the winners. :o)

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