Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The MUST BUY Present of the Holiday Season

Books of course.

But also... when I was surfing through my blog list, I found Arlaina Tibenksky's post about the best t-shirts ever.  And I promptly when over to Out of Print Clothing and bought this:

And this:

And actually several more.  It's almost enough to wish I was teaching again - I could wear each shirt I bought when reading and teaching that book.  I can just picture the eye rolls at my unbelievable nerdiness.  Makes me miss my old high school classroom.  Almost.  


Rebecca B said...

"Dear Santa,
I want all of them.

Thanks for sharing this awesomeness!

Susan said...

GASP. Must have...

Thanks for sharing. I will now go max my credit card. ;)

Shallee said...

Ooh, how fabulous! I'm headed straight over there!

readingkidsbooks said...

Great tip! I've ordered two t-shirts. Pride and Prejudice for my oldest daughter who works in the sales side of publishing (one of the publishers she reps for puts out Pride and Prejudice for Zombies) and one for my boyfriend who is always coming over with his favorite old movies including...you guessed it...Death of a Salesman.

Ladybug said...

Very nice :) I have to check out that page you linked to.

I recently read The Catcher in the Rye and I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I didn't quite feel that I understood it(not that this post was about the book but since it was mentioned I felt like telling someone ;)).

Ladybug of Escape In A Book.

Loretta Nyhan said...

OMG, I need that sweatshirt.

Monica said...

Oh! <33333!!! How did you ever decide which ones?

Lisa T. said...

Oh Suzie, you restore my faith in English teachers.

Sorry to go off topic, but I had the most shocking conversation with a teenager last night, who was supposed to be reading Lord of the Flies and not enjoying it at all. She told her teacher she didn't understand a word of it and the teacher replied, "That's because you're dumb."

I remember having a wicked, evil English teacher myself. She kept me from writing for far too long. I feel so sad for this teenager; this horrible woman is killing any interest in reading this poor girl might have had!!! Dear Santa, please bring that English teacher a new heart! And maybe a Lord of the Flies tee shirt, which is supposedly her fav book.

Regina said...

Those are great. Now I want to go and see if they have some of the old titles of books that I loved as a teenager. :)

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