Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shirking on my duties--with good reason

Wow. So Friday came and went. And NO blog post from Ms. Friday. It's two weeks into Confessions, and I'm shirking on my duties. This was TOTALLY unintentional. I got home last night (fairly early for me), and Joe had a bottle of champagne open and waiting.
"What's the occasion?"

"Nothing," he said as he passed me a glass.

And then he kissed me.

But hold up...wait a second. Before you start going "Awwww" or your mind starts going in other directions, let me tell you what we did after that kiss.

We polished off the bottle of champagne, made a really big, messy plate of nachos together, played video games, and watched Lucky Louie episodes, cracking up until we passed out on the couch.

It was THE. BEST.

And it was also something we haven't done since...well, I think since college (which is sadly already 5+ years ago now). No silly night in over FIVE years?? How does that happen?

It felt so great to wake up this morning, after a night of not having to think about what needs to be done on the house, when we have to drop off that thing, what just happened at work, etc. After a night not having to think at all, but to just have fun. It was the most refreshing thing I've done in a while.

So I challenge you all.

Surprise your spouse or sister or best friend with a night of something you used to do when you first started hanging out. When it was just fun and you didn't have to think about all the seriousness that life has to offer. Does that mean building a fort out of blankets and telling ghost stories while munching on candy all night (without brushing your teeth, of course!)? Or sneaking Taco Bell and a six pack into the movies to watch the latest comedy? Or even if it's something as simple as driving down to the beach and talking about celebs and clothes until the cops come and clear you out. Whatever was silly and fun and perfect for you!

Do you remember when you didn't actually worry about how all of that would look, or if you'd get in trouble?

This is a challenge, guys. Trust me--you'll thank me later.


Chersti Nieveen said...

I accept this challenge! Because it is just awesome :-) And I'll just go ahead and thank you now, Joanna! Especially for giving us ideas to steal / springboard from.

Clara said...
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Clara said...

I'm already quite goofy with my husband (ok, alone too), but this was great advice!

Kaitlin Ward said...

aww I love this!

Loretta Nyhan said...

I can never resist a challenge, especially one as awesome as this...

And, how cute are you guys. I'm gonna say it, "Awww..."

passinglovenotes said...

The new site look is much more pleasant. It gave me a whipped-cream-on-top feeling when it downloaded. More user-friendly too. It's easy to skim over and go back to read details on whatever was most eye-catching.

As far as your challenge goes, my husband and I used to ride motorcycles in the mountains before the kids came along. One year for my B-day, I asked him to take me on a mountain motorcycle ride for an afternoon. It was a great B-day.

I think I'm due for another one of those. Thanks for the idea!

Nathalie said...

What a great post! Put a smile on my face for sure.

Jordan Deen said...

I love it! Nachos, Video games and being goofy. Sounds like a night in heaven! It's been more than *clears throat* five years since college for me and this challenge is much needed. I'm already planning an impromptu trip to the tidepools to surprise my honey... ahhhh the days before our crazy five year old when we could pick up and go anywhere on a whim. =)

Thanks for sharing your story with us-

storyqueen said...

I'm taking the challenge....not sure which direction it will go, but I'm taking it on!



Amy Lukavics said...

Super AWWWWWW!!!

My challenge to YOU, dear Jo, is to repeat this kind of night once a month. Seriously. It makes me so sad that it had been 5 years!!! Your clients/laundry/bills will understand, and if they don't, screw 'em!!!

PK Hrezo said...

I think my husband has forgotten how to do this. Having children makes it hard. But I've convinced him once a week we have to just chill. No cleaning. No writing. No blogging. No working.

This was a great reminder! :)

PK Hrezo said...

I think my husband has forgotten how to do this. Having children makes it hard. But I've convinced him once a week we have to just chill. No cleaning. No writing. No blogging. No working.

This was a great reminder! :)

Rhiannon Hart said...

Last night (Saturday) I had a silly movie night with a friend and cooked and ate and drank bubble. How good is a night in! Other friends were hitting the town but I found I just didn't care.

Em-Musing said...

Um , champagne, kiss? Sorry my mind went in that other direction, but gotcha on how much fun being silly is. After "other," laughter comes next. And just think, you can do it anywhere, with whomever (even a whole party), and more is always better.

Realm Lovejoy said...

Aw, so sweet! Nice challenge.

Jemi Fraser said...

Love it - that's a challenge I can do! :)

Joanna said...

I love that so many are taking up the challenge! Pass on the good word, too. Everyone needs a silly night once in awhile, right?

Amy - I accept :-)

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