Friday, July 16, 2010

DUFF Winner!

After deliberating and getting people in the office to weigh in, we have a winner of Acronym Short Story Contest!

Honorable Mentions:

Funniest Use of BOY as an acronym
Red Boot Pearl (3:31 pm) with Boneheaded Odoriferous Yetis Suck

Best Scene From My Life
Jenn Marie (2:25 pm)

Best Use of an Animal Acronym
MarissaV (4:21 pm) with BIRD: Boy In Rampant Denial

Best Twist I Didn't See Coming
Shoshana Beaubahna (6:19 pm)

Best Paranormal Entry
Mandy (8:35 pm)

Best Use of the DUFF Characters
Quizzical Feline (2:10 pm)

Best Take on Fictional Characters
Bookaholic (1:11 am)

Best Knock on Real People
Paul C Mercer (6:32 pm)

Second Place
Too Cute (11:31 pm) with:
“Dude, check her out.” Ryan jerked his head at the blonde sitting at the bar.

“Which one?” I asked.

“Which one? Are you shitting me?”

“Yeah, but why should I even bother looking?” I shrugged. “I’m just gonna end up with her crazy, annoying friend.”

Ryan shot another look at her longs legs, licking his lips unconsciously. “How do you even know she came with someone?” he said, starting to ease off his barstool.

“The hot ones always do. And when I’m with you, I get stuck with them.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m a PAW. Perpetually a Wingman.”

And the Winner is...

"Bye, Elmo." I said, ignoring his bewildered expression.

I headed to the rest room, conferred with Myself in the reflection. I didn't need him, or the dozens like him, the LMOEs. I had standards and he wasn't meeting them.

With a grin at Myself, I repeated the mantra, "Not if you were the Last Man On Earth."

Congratulations Patty Blount (12:39 pm)! Send me your mailing address and I'll be glad to send you the signed ARC of The DUFF.

Thank you to everyone who participated - especially everyone who entered multiple times. Your entries rocked!


Remilda Graystone said...

Congratulations to the winners and the honorable mentions! This was a fun contest.

Too Cute said...

Yay! I'm super excited to get second place! Thanks for a fun contest.

I can't wait to buy The DUFF when it comes out!!

Penelope Wright

Shelley Watters said...

Ahh! How did I miss this contest? :( Congrats to the winners!

bookaholic said...

I won an honorary mention! Yay!!
Congrats winner! :)

Mandy said...

I won an honorary! :D
great contest, congrats to the winner :)

Marjorie said...

Congratulations, Patty! Good entry!

Laurie Lamb said...

I love Elmo/LMOE! Very clever, Patty. Congratulations!

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