Sunday, May 23, 2010

YOU Contest Closed.

A winner will be announced this week after I consult with The Janet Reid and the herpet American assistant.  There are too many hysterical entries to choose from - there's no way I can do this alone.

In the meantime, while you're waiting to find out what The Janet Reid plans to do to get back at me (I'm sure it will be pretty brilliant), check out Charles Benoit's website and blog to learn more about the ARC I risked the mean and sharkly wrath to steal.


Ann Marie Wraight said...

I must admit it was a farce!
I almost slipped on broken glass
in haste and scary double speed
to write for you and Janet Reid!

It was my pleasure-there's no doubt.
But BLOODY tough! Please let me shout!
100 words - was that quite all?
I was SO certain I would fall!

That Charles Benoit is such a laugh
A teacher, too - a blog he hath!
To Amazon I must now dash,
to order "YOU" to teach in class!


Joanna said...

I'm busy for TWO DAYS and all the fun goes down??

::grumble, grumble::

I would have entered! I. Love. YOU.
By Charles Benoit.

Sooo goood.

beth said...

I am so glad you and Janet did this contest--it really made this book jump on my radar!

Sarah Laurenson said...

So many awesome, funny, original, clever entries. I don't envy you or The Janet Reid in trying to choose a winner.

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