Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I got something special in the mail today.  In the very advanced bound form.

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers.

So exciting!  (Yes, I walked around with one all day yesterday and showed it to everyone in the office at least several times.)  And now, it is on display with the other books in my office.  (Excuse the cell phone photo quality.)


Sarah said...

SQUEE!! So exciting! And it totally matches your nail polish! :)

LGVernon said...

This one is exciting, but seeing so many others on your bookshelf is more so!~

Tried to post the following on your 'submission guidelines' post, but Blogger would not cooperate.~~

Synopses are proof that werewolves are right when they eat their agents!~

Hello, Suzie, I'm L. G. Vernon, from Wyoming Writers, Inc. I'm their editor and consequently am working on all the brochure and ad copy for the conference in June.
I'm really looking forward to meeting and talking with you (and all the rest of our presenters) in Cody. See you in June~~LG

suzie townsend said...


LG, I look forward to seeing you in June also!

Lisa Desrochers said...

I'm keeping good company, right next to Carrie Ryan. Very cool =)

Joanna said...

Eek! I never thoguht something so plain could be so PRETTY!!!


Ms. Book Sniper said...

Thanks for linking my contest!!! And Personal Demons looks wonderful--can't wait to pick up a copy!

ChristaCarol said...

Oh how fantastic! I bet the rest of your day was as bright as sunshine, eh? Reminds me of that Brady Bunch song "Sunshine Day". Hah! And yay Lisa!

Lisa Desrochers said...

Thanks Christa!!! :D

Suzette Saxton said...

What a FANTASTIC feeling! Way to go, Suzie and Lisa!

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