Sunday, April 10, 2005


BEFORE you send your first 250 words to First Page Shooter, please read these directions.

1. Read how First Page Shooter Works.

2. Think about some of your favorite novels (ones comparable in genre to your own project) and make notes on what worked for those first pages.

3. Revise and polish.

4. When you send the email to make sure you include:
a. word count
b. title
c. contact info (I'll redact this but get in the habit of including it)

5. Do not send your pages as an attachment. I will discard those unread, and unacknowledged. Please paste them into the body of the email.

6. After you've read and followed these directions you'll know to put "First Page Shooter" in the subject line. Nothing else :)


TirzahLaughs said...

Sent. :) 250 words isn't much though is it. I suppose though it should be enough.


Deb said...

The word count of the First Page Shooter submission or the finished manuscript?

Stephanie Garber said...

Should we also include the genre?

Thanks for doing this, by the way.

Jodi R. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sbjames said...

May we submit more than one ms? And for a wip, do we estimate wordcount?

Plain Jane said...

I had a minor panic attack when I saw the date in the bubble said 2005 . . . good thing I didn't swallow those pills!
Sent with a chance and an invisible bribe! ^_~.

Malin said...

Were we supposed to write the genre? I didn't, but I can't see any mention of us having to do so in either Directions or How it Works, but everyone so far seems to have put genre in the story as well (or is that you?). When I sent mine, my brain made a completely illogical turn, thinking that you didn't want the genre because you would like to be able to suss it out from the 250 words. I've now realised a query would always contain mention of genre, so I'm afraid I did a mistake.

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